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Treating the Whole Patient:
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Relieve Your Pain With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that originated in ancient China. Far Hills Acupuncture takes this practice and combines it with modern wellness to restore natural healing. Fritz Froehlich, DOM, L.Ac., DACM our licensed practitioner, has been practicing since 2002 and has performed thousands of acupuncture procedures. His extensive experience, continuing education, and expertise in all areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine allows him to help people throughout Metro Dayton, OH. Patients also travel from as far away as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Columbus to receive treatment.

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Before We Begin

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That will allow us to use the time for treatment rather than paperwork.

Multiple Benefits

Acupuncture is beneficial in treating dental pain, headaches (including migraines), neck pain, low back pain, osteoarthritis, and chemotherapy-induced and post-op nausea/vomiting. The procedures may be used in lieu of medication or in conjunction with other therapies. At your first appointment, we will discuss your particular symptoms, the severity, and your lifestyle. These factors, along with a brief physical assessment, will aid Mr. Froehlich to determine the best type of acupuncture treatment for you. Options include TCM, 5-Element, Korean Hand Acupuncture Therapy (KHT), Shakuju Therapy, and Neijing Classical Acupuncture. Complementary therapies include cupping, gua sha, and tu ina.

Advantages Without Side Effects

Many Western medicine treatments for pain include medications. Medications can cause multiple side effects, including life-threatening reactions. Acupuncture, with a licensed practitioner using sterile, nontoxic, single-use needles, results in relatively few complications.

In fact, the advantages may extend further than pain relief. You will likely experience mental clarity, improved digestion, decreased feelings of stress, and increased energy.

Promote natural healing with acupuncture.

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