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See The Real Benefits of Acupuncture

At Far Hills Acupuncture,  licensed practitioner Fritz Froehlich, DOM, L.Ac., DACM works to help people deal with a variety of symptoms through the natural and healing use of acupuncture treatment. See how Mr. Froehlich’s treatments have helped people in the metro Dayton, OH area. Read the testimonials below and reach out today to make an appointment!


“I am amazed by how quickly Fritz was able to zero in and relieve my longstanding hip pain and resulting restricted mobility. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. He listens well and makes his patients feel comfortable with the process. After only a few treatments I was pain-free and mobile again. I highly recommend Far Hills Acupuncture!”

Bianca H.

“Best acupuncturist I have found in my 20 years of receiving acupuncture.  Fritz takes his time with what’s going on and the best way to address issues.  He is very knowledgeable and has such a passion for his practice.”

Jean S.

“Such relief in just three visits after months of unexplained hip and groin pain. This was my first experience with acupuncture. Some improvements were immediate and more results days after. Fritz is clearly competent in his profession and warmly supportive throughout the process.”

Terri E.

“Fritz helped me with severe shoulder pain and limited shoulder mobility. His treatments and advice for exercises were exactly what I needed because I am back feeling great again in short order. He made the process comfortable and relaxing and was genuinely concerned for my well-being. Highly recommended!”

Thomas H.

“The services provided at Far Hills Acupuncture are absolutely amazing. I was suffering from shoulder/neck pain and muscle spasms for months, I had even gone through 4 months of physical therapy, 2x a week, but still dealt with constant pain and needed muscle relaxers to keep the spasms at bay. The first 2 appointments with Fritz did more to relieve my issues than the 4 months of PT. Now, after ~7 appointments I’m consistently waking up without pain, and able to do the activities I want to without babying my neck and shoulder. I can not recommend Far Hills Acupuncture enough, my only regret is not going sooner.”

Kayla R.

“Could not get any pain relief for my shoulder, I didn’t want to start the pain pill route as this is a chronic issue. I was referred to Far Hills Acupuncture, Fritz Froehlich.

I was hurting badly, so I made an appointment and went with an open mind. Fritz made me feel comfortable from the very start. Told him my problem, and he explain in depth what the treatment would consist of, and told me up front it may not work.

It worked, have been a patient of Fritz now for 6 years.

Fritz is the one that keeps my shoulder, knee, and hand functioning and working.”

Mark C.

Stop living in constant pain, try acupuncture treatment at Far Hills Acupuncture.

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